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How to find us in Woolston...

Conveniently situated close to the
M6 motorway JN 21 (A57 Irlam)

3 Redwood Close

t. 01925 850 171

Our Grappenhall Venue

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Local Amenities

Whilst your child is engaged in their hourly session at Allstars Tuition, you are free to use the time as you wish! Birchwood shopping and leisure centre is 5 minutes away by car, Sainsbury's and Tescos are also nearby. Woolston Leisure centre is around the corner and provides swimming and gym facilities. There are also opportunities nearby for relaxing walks by Woolston Weir, the nature reserve and the Transpennine Trail. All we ask is that you promptly drop off and pick up your child for their hourly session. Unfortunately, we do not have any waiting area facilities for parents, grandparents and carers at this time.

Ofsted Outstanding