Developing reading and a love of books at Allstars...

We use a phonic approach through games and activities to teach the essential skills needed for reading and then encourage children to practise, develop and extend this further by sharing good quality, enjoyable books at the appropriate level.

Comprehension is constantly is focused upon through questioning and activities that check your child's understanding of the text. Reading 'between the lines' for more mature readers enables them to appreciate a text at a higher level and ensures children progress quickly and confidently, impacting on other areas of learning , such as writing.

Allstars Tuition Non Fiction Text
Non Fiction Text
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At Allstars, your child will be experiencing a wide selection of reading materials. We have fiction, non- fiction and reference books and a range of genres that will motivate and inspire young readers.

Becoming a writer...

Confident, enthusiastic writers are our aim at Allstars! We provide meaningful writing tasks after rigorous but enjoyable teaching of the technical skills needed. Creativity in writing is positively encouraged in a range of genres by providing exciting and motivating stimuli. Handwriting practice is included to promote all round excellence in this much needed, life long skill.

Consultation with parents and children about their school's preferred handwriting styles ensures continuity of learning in this area.

Phonics for KS1 and Lower KS2 reading, writing and spelling...

At Allstars, our phonics teaching is based on the Primary National Strategy, Letters and Sounds recommendations produced through the Department for Education and Skills.

There are a recommended six phases which children are expected to work through at a fast pace through KS1. The format of the lessons for phonics in most schools encourages revisiting and reviewing, teaching, practising, application and assessment.

This fast paced approach suits the majority of children, however for some children, more direct teaching and practising of the letter sound correspondence is needed to provide a more stable foundation for skills in the areas of reading, writing and spelling. We can help at Allstars tuition by assessing your child’s needs in this area and providing a tailored plan whether it is in a small group or one to one.

We have also found from experience that some children are held back from achieving their full potential in this area as whole class teaching is sometimes inappropriate for those children who have already grasped the essentials. We are committed to ensuring your child is given the right level of challenge for their stage of development, whether this is to give more confidence or to extend more able children.

Numbers, Calculations, Shapes, Space and Measures...

We understand numeracy can be tricky for some children but it can also be so much fun! We ensure that children learn to succeed in maths at Allstars, building confidence and the ability to become confident mathematicians!

Games, exploration, investigation, fun activities and challenges are used to teach, practice and reinforce mathematical concepts to enable your child to become proficient in this area of learning.

Allstars Tuition Diennes Place Value
Diennes Place Value
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We believe that numeracy skills are best learned through practical activities, discussion and direct teaching in situations that are meaningful to children. We put emphasis on problem solving and investigative work whilst equipping your child with the necessary skills with numbers, place value, calculating, measures and shape and data.

Providing maths activities which are purposeful ensures that learning in this area is in context and with which children can relate to. We try at all times to tie this learning into individual children’s interests and hobbies so that it becomes more memorable and enjoyable.

Maths concepts are taught, reinforced and practised in a number of ways. Games, songs, rhymes and other fun activities are used to motivate learners of all ages and opportunities are created to put these skills to good use wherever possible! We feel application is the key to children realising the potential of their maths learning and we endeavour to link activities with real-life situations. An example early years session.

Ofsted Outstanding