Parental Involvement

Parents are actively encouraged to discuss their child's/children's progress with us and become involved in the learning process so that it can continue at home, in the same enjoyable way as the Allstars' session.

There is time before and after sessions to have a quick chat but if you feel you need more than this; provision can be made for a longer appointment. We can also provide verbal progress reports over the telephone if this is more convenient for you.

Homework may be appropriate for some children but if this would be problematic due to hectic time constraints, feel free to let us know! We understand! Coming to Allstars Tuition provides a quality after school activity that teaches new knowledge and skills, reinforces new learning and provides practice and application. We can even help with school homework if that is needed.

We understand being a parent is a huge role and full of scary responsibilities! In addition to your child's general development and wellbeing, evidence dictates that parental involvement is a vital key to children's educational progress.

At Allstars, we feel we can help to connect the learning that goes on in school with the learning at home by developing effective working relationships with parents and their children.

We aim to provide support, guidance and advice on all issues regarding your child's education and personal development. By sharing small, achievable targets the whole family can work towards successes and celebrate each step of the way!

Target booklets and sticker charts are provided to motivate and inspire children to aim high whilst enabling parents to become involved at home to practise and reinforce concepts in a manageable, enjoyable way.

Ofsted Outstanding