Linda has worked tirelessly to support Lauren's learning. So much so that her Maths has improved from being behind to almost exceeding targets! Allstars Tuition has a lovely friendly atmosphere and Lauren loves going to her group sessions. Linda is always smiling and full of ideas and enthusiasm and it rubs off on the kids :) I hope Allstars Tuition continues to grow and help as many kids as possible x

Steph Hannant - Parent

  I really like going to Linda's as we do school work but I understand the work more as she makes it fun. I can ask Linda anything that I'm stuck in school on and she helps me by explaining in a easier way!! In school you don't always get to share your answers with the class but with Linda she listens to all my answers and opinions and this gives me confidence in school

Allstars Learner - Year 5

  My daughter Elleanor has been working with Linda at Allstars for nearly 4 years! Elleanor absolutely loves Linda and the work they do together! Linda is nurturing and highly effective, understanding exactly what motivates Elleanor and plans her learning to get the best out of the hour long 1-1 session she has every week. Rachel Peers - Parent

  My daughter Harriett had the 121 maths lessons with Linda to build her confidence and prepare her for sat's exams in May... The outcome far exceeded what we expected given Maths was not a topic she enjoyed and struggled with in class. The progress she has since made in class together with her readiness to sit Sats exams was fantastic even without knowing the results... Linda of Allstars was by far the right choice and Harriett always looked forward to the lessons as Linda made everyone feel comfortable in the warm,welcoming set-up of the classroom.... I continue to recommend Linda and Allstars Tuition wherever possible as I was amazed at the transition in over a year at Harriett grasping Maths..

Jayne Spence - Parent

 My daughter Anna has been coming to Allstars Tuition for almost 3 years now and enjoys every session. Allstars promotes a personable learning environment and together with Linda's warm and encouraging style has supported a noticeable growth in Anna's confidence and drive to learn; something that has also been reflected through her school progress reports. Anna her self has added 'Linda is a great tutor who makes me happy when I see her and I have more ticks in my book than I did last year'. Great work Allstars and warmest thanks.

Jasmine - Parent

 My daughter Laura has been attending Allstars Tuition for about 12 months and her reading, writing and spelling has improved immensely in that time. More importantly she enjoys going to the sessions (both group and individual 121's) where learning is made fun and informative in a friendly environment.

Angela Perry - Parent

 I really enjoyed my weekly trips to Linda, while at primary school I didn't feel comfortable in class but Linda gave me confidence and I was able to show the skills that were in me all along that I was hiding. Linda explained the subjects in an entertaining and creative way so I didn't feel as if I was learning just having fun, I was surprised when I returned to school and realised that I could complete all my school tasks with ease she definitely boosted my confidence I have carried this new found self belief into high school and I never ever say I can't do anything anymore!!!

Allstars Learner - Year 9

 My daughter attended group tuition at Allstars during Year 5 and 6 and I cannot recommend Linda and her team enough. She looked forward to every single session and Linda was so flexible in accommodating her needs as she developed. Thanks so much Allstars, my daughter misses you! Highly recommended to any parent considering Allstars tuition, it was worth every penny.

Clare Mannion - Parent

 My son attended Allstars Tuition for almost two years and not only did this help him improve the level of work he could achieve, it more importantly boosted his confidence so that he would attempt work he previously thought he couldn’t do. The time spent at Allstars led up to the SAT’s in Year 6 and was instrumental in his positive attitude going in to the tests and finding the work easier to tackle. He always looked forward to going to lessons and enjoyed it every time. This was due to such a calming and encouraging environment, in addition to learning being presented in such a fun manner. Linda is an approachable and warm person who is willing to discuss any worries you may have and tailor learning to best suit your child and their abilities.

Alison Lloyd - Parent

  I was delighted when Linda opened 'Allstars' tuition and have been more than happy with the service she has provided for my children, Linda has nurtured them from, little fish in a big pool to finding their own abilities she has encouraged them creatively, they have both found the skills that they had been reluctant to express. With Linda's kind words of encouragement they now enjoy writing stories and will do so spontaneously and are happy to share them in school.

Vicky J - Parent

 Christian has come on great since you tutored him and is now enjoying reading and comfortably writing.

Karla Williams - Parent

 Our daughter Faye has come to Linda's for all of her last year in Primary School. Knowing Linda from her time as a reception teacher was great and helped Faye settling in really quickly.Faye loved coming back to her after quite a few years.Linda supported Faye in all areas of learning and built up her confidence- believing in herself more.We can highly recommend her and have done to friends and family in the past!Thank you for all you have done!

Eva Ross - Parent

 I enjoyed going to Linda's, it was fun and helped me with my work in school.I was worried about my SATS, but Linda helped me in my Maths and English, my hand-writing improved lots as well!!!!Thank you Linda for helping me get better in school and all the fun we had. I loved it when you had the ducklings and we made pan cakes!!!

Faye - Year 6

 My children have worked with Allstars Tuition for the last 3 years, they have benefitted greatly from Linda's patience and enthusiasm. The activities are educational but also fun for the children! My children have all formed a very close bond with Linda and enjoyed both their group sessions and 1 to 1's. I cannot thank Allstars enough for not only improving my children's educational skills but for building their confidence.

Catherine Liu - Parent

 I have known Linda, and her family, since she began her teaching career at the school of which I was the Headteacher.

I valued her contribution to the school as a whole but particularly to all the children who were fortunate enough to have Linda as their teacher. She enabled children of all ages to develop a lovely confidence which led them to see learning as fun as well as an opportunity to progress - thus they would happily explore areas of learning and so extend themselves. As well as providing exciting learning opportunities Linda also paid very close attention to helping children develop a wide range of learning skills - for example resilience, reasoning, resourcefulness, reflection, responsibility and respect.

Linda consistently ensured that the 'whole' child was developed. All children thrived in all aspects of themselves - their self-esteem was always nurtured, their emotional intelligence considered. Indeed adults sometimes benefitted from this as well!

A lasting testament to her is that ex pupils were always keen to come back and 'help' Mrs Douglass.

I wish Linda every success in this exciting venture - the children who come along to 'Allstars Tuition' will certainly feel like stars, of the super variety!

Helen Pegman - Retired Headteacher

I go to see Linda so she can educate me. Why I like going to see Linda. I like going to see Linda because she does fun things and she is a great teacher. We do art, some literacy, numeracy, well quite a lot of numeracy. Oh and when you get five gold stars you get a gift out of the gift box. Elliot - Allstars Learner, aged 8

 I first met Linda in 1999 when our eldest son started school. He is very fond of her as is our younger son too – well, all of us actually! As well as knowing Linda through being a parent of children at the school where she taught, I also had a great deal of contact with her over many years in my role as a Parent Governor at the school. In fact for two years I was the Governor linked to Linda’s class and was fortunate to spend many happy sessions in her warm, calm, happy and stimulating classroom where all children were valued and nurtured which ensured they felt confident, positive and receptive to learning.

Linda is someone who makes both children and adults feel very comfortable. She is a very caring, empathic and warm person and I believe that these qualities, coupled with her excellent teaching skills, conscientiousness, sense of fun and her obvious passion for motivating and supporting children in their learning are essential ingredients for happy and successful learners – and satisfied and worry-free parents.

Sue Goodrum - Parent/Former Parent Governor

 I love going to see Linda we have lots of fun.

Allstars Learner, aged 5

 Allstars sessions are based in a colourful, friendly, classroom style environment. Learning is made fun and enjoyable for the child via varied activities. Heather always looks forward to her sessions and does not want them to end. Within a short period of time I have noticed a marked improvement in Heather's writing skills and her understanding of comprehension. All in all great progress within Heather's school work and a happy little girl, I could not ask for any more.

Mrs Lambert - Parent

 I have been a colleague of Linda's for over four years. During this time I worked as Linda's Teaching Assistant. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of working with Linda. Linda is a hard working and conscientious teacher who always puts the needs of her pupils first. Linda has a holistic approach to her teaching which enables the pupils in her care to flourish in all areas of their learning. Linda is a very caring person who quickly gains the trust of her pupils, building their confidence and self esteem thus ensuring that they want to do their very best. Linda is an inspiration to all those around her pupils and colleagues alike.

Nicola Green - Teaching Assistant

 As a grandparent of a child who was taught by Mrs Douglass in his reception year, I take pleasure in endorsing Allstars Tuition. Mrs Douglass is a kind, caring and motivational teacher who has given my grandson the best start to his education. From day one, he was happy, secure and the development of his confidence and motivation was evident, as well as his enthusiasm and love of learning. Mrs Douglass helped provide a firm foundation for his continuing development and future education.

Sue Darlington - Grandparent

 I first met Linda when she taught my son (who is now at college!). As a parent, I was immediately impressed by Linda's natural warmth and her ability to guide and inspire the children in her class to achieve their very best. Some years later, I became a colleague when I applied for and got a job in the same school. Linda was as encouraging and inspiring to work with as I knew her to be as a teacher. She has the knack of putting everyone at their ease and I know this is something that comes naturally. I am a grateful parent/colleague and friend!.

Karen Dale

 I have known Linda since 1997 and my 4 children were fortunate to have her teach them at primary school. They still say now (and the eldest is 18!) that Mrs Douglass was one of their favourite teachers! She is patient, kind, caring, warm and understanding and has an excellent skill of putting children and adults at ease. I was always impressed with how calm and organised her classroom was whilst still being a happy, fun, positive and vibrant place to learn. My children certainly thrived academically, socially and emotionally under her nurturing care and I would highly recommend Linda as an outstanding tutor.

Sue Callaghan - Parent

 Mrs Douglass was my reception teacher. I really enjoyed being in her class and I learned a lot. Reading was fun and I really liked building in the construction area. She was my favourite teacher and I looked forward to going to school.

Former Pupil

 I worked side-by-side with Linda, teaching, for nearly ten years and in that time two things always shone through: Linda's ability to teach and her ability to make learning exciting and meaningful. Whether she was 'inspiring and challenging' students or 'supporting and encouraging' them, Linda was able to meet the needs of the 'individual pupil' and always gave her time willingly. I often worked with Linda preparing children for important assessments and she was always able to identify 'areas for improvement' and put into practice ways of addressing them, showing understanding and patience along the way, building confidence and always finding the right words to reassure worried pupils, or parents.

Good Luck Mrs. Douglass! and Good Luck to all who learn at Allstars Tuition!

Stewart Stark (Primary Coordinator, Spain)

Ofsted Outstanding